Keith Meyers, The Space Station!

Major Matt Mason Wallpaper.


Major Matt Mason Wallpaper. Photo by
Keith Meyer. From the collection of Keith Meyer.

Copyright 1967--first year available 1968?

This has got to be one of the most unusual licensed Major Matt Mason products of all. Each roll of paper has graphics that repeat about every 21 inches. The image is colorful, but more pastel looking colors made up of "red", "blue", "green" and "brown". With "silver" accents and highlights all against a "white" background.

The Scene is of Three Space Stations, each one further away from the other getting smaller towards the background. There are several Matt Mason figures here. Two on Space Sleds, two on Space Crawlers, one in a moon suit, another flying on a Jet Propulsion Pak and several others standing around operating space equipment.

The left-hand side of the paper roll has a 5/8" inch tear off strip that states copyright 1967 Mattel, Inc., Major Matt Mason. Manufacturer and stock number unknown.

Sold as is, probably cello wrapped as most wallpaper is.



I turned up this roll about 7 years ago while speaking with a gentleman on the east coast. I was inquiring about some other Matt Mason items he had for sale, when all of a sudden he say's, "I've got a roll of Major Matt Mason wallpaper!". I reacted with, "what? There's no such thing!".

He quickly proceeded to describe the paper and graphics in detail, convincing me that he did indeed hold such a piece. I asked him his price and said. "The check is in the mail". A week later I received a long narrow package containing this truly invaluable find.

To this day, there has been only one other roll found. It was sold by a collector recently in the Jan. 2, 1998 issue of Toy Shop. We are still checking to try to find out where it was obtained.

Convinced that there may never be another roll found, I decided in November, 1996 to select the 12 choice panels of 21 on the roll. Starting with the 6th panel and ending with the 17th. I cut these from the roll and offered them for sale or trade. The price was $999 per panel with FedEx shipping included.

There are 3 of these panels still available as I write this.If you're interested in obtaining a piece of this wonderful artwork, I am now considering any resonable offer for the remaining stock. I accept trades of most any cool and unusual 1960's toys, comic books and collectibles. The items do not have to be Major Matt Mason. Please email me for details.

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Also there are the first 5 on the roll still intact and the final 4 still intact. These two large sections are currently not for sale. Maybe later I'll think of something special for them.

I also had a friend draw up certificates of authenticity signed and dated by myself with a number of 1 of 12 up to 12 of 12. The panels were all cut on the same evening of December 23rd, 1996. And the certificates are all dated with the same.

Several people have called or wrote telling how much they enjoyed their new piece of art. One collector in particular, Mark White, sent me a letter with a photo enclosed of his mounted and framed hanging on a wall. He wrote "I am pleased to own this great piece of Major Matt Mason History". I'm happy to hear that Mark and the others are enjoying their new collectibles.

The wallpaper was probably sold only as is, however many rolls you needed to do a wall or room.

Copyright 1997 Keith Meyer. All rights reserved.
Revised: February 24, 2006.