Keith Meyers, The Space Station!


Major Matt Mason w/helmet flare by Les Rayburn

T he many fans of Matt Mason have begun to produce limited reproduction items to replace items that do not age well. New items are being added often, so be sure to check back here for updates.

The Big Red Toy Box:

Don Thompson offers an entire line of high quality MMM reproduction items, including handheld accessories that are often all but impossible to find. Tools, Space Stations parts, crawler hooks, etc! The prices are great and the service is better. Click here for details:

Big Red Toy Box

Astro-Trac Wheels:

The original foam wheels on the Astro-Trac almost never survive, even in store stock boxes that have never been opened. Fortunately, Keith Meyer has reproduced the wheels using CAD techniques and a foam that is nearly identical to the originals. You can email him for details on these great wheels!


Joseph Kerezman has faithfully reproduced the Major Matt Mason helmets! These are usually missing from loose figures and can cost a pretty penny to purchase originals, if you can find them at all. Joseph has a good, low-cost alternative.

Joseph Kerezman's Matt Mason Site


Rewire & Painting:

Dennis Widner
Does a great job working on wounded figures.
Check out his work.

The Toy Surgeon



Other Items:

Christian De Grandpre
331 Val D'or
St. Marc, Quebec
Canada, JOL 2EO
(514) 584-3206

*Active trader. Makes an extensive line of MMM reproduction items, including Space Station parts, weapons, string, tubing, Scorpio parts, bellows for moon and power suits, etc. Christian also sells a 2 hour long documentary that shows nearly every Major Matt Mason item ever made.


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