Keith Meyers, The Space Station!

MMM History 2


Astrotrac w/Space Stations by Keith Meyer

T he Space Station was perhaps the most impressive toy of the entire collection. It stood just over two feet tall, with towering girders and impressive “Solar Shields”. Many a youngster fell asleep in a darkened room, lit only by the purple glow of the Station beacon.

In early 1968, Sgt. Storm was introduced in his “red uniform” to keep the Major company on the moon. This figure was soon followed by two other astronauts, Doug Davis, in his yellow colored space suit, and an African-American figure, Jeff Long, in a blue outfit.

Vehicles were an important part of the collection too, with the Space Crawler being the most popular. This rugged, four spoked machine could handle any terrain that your living room or backyard could throw at it. It also fit nicely on it's side atop the Space Station to act as a heavy life crane.


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