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Stock #6362 Major Matt Mason Talking Major Matt Mason.


Talking Major Matt Mason. Photo by Larry Chin.
From the collection of Larry Chin.

Copyright 1969--first year available 1970

This attractive window box displays our favorite astronaut strapped in his talking back pack surrounded by a star studded space scape on the box face.

This was another piece issued in the last year of the Major Matt Mason toyline. The talking Matt Mason was really a newer styled jet pak molded in "orange" and "silver / gray" plastic. The pak was larger than the original Jet propulsion paks and has legs that will allow the figure to free stand. This pak has the same "red" hook and pull knob located at each end of a thicker "black" thread. This time however instead of making Matt appear to fly, The astronauts' weight would lower him from the hook end of the thread down to the floor activating one of five sounding voice commands.

Thanks to Larry Chin, AKA “The Sharkman” for this photo. PACKAGE DESCRIPTION:
Unique window box displays Major Matt Mason strapped to the pak inside the box behind cellophane window. Box has a different style than most all other packaging. With photos of Matt using the pak all around the box.

Standard pack of 1 doz. Wt: 10 lbs.


Though this is a very nice and tough to find accessory, It's mainly only good today as a conversation piece as the talking mechanisms most always never work. Like the Talking Command Console #5157, the rubber "o" - ring drive band just disintegrates and turns gummy. However there are some skilled folks out there that have successfully taken these things apart and have replaced the drive band, repairing the voice mechanism. We have all five voice commands elsewhere on this site.

Major Matt Mason Sounds

This pak is another accessory that is likely to have "melting" where the figure makes contact on it's surface. See the section on "melting" on the repairs page.

Repair Section, Level 3

The Talking back pak was also included in #6378 Talking Major Matt Mason with XRG - 1 Reentry Glider.


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