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Stock #6359 Major Matt Mason Scorpio.


Scorpio, Mint in the Box! Photo by Mike Blanchard.
From the collection of Mike Blanchard.

Copyright 1969--first year available 1970

Scorpio was the last character introduced into the Major Matt Mason toyline. Unlike the other Mattel astronauts he is an 8 inch figure and is not compatible with other space equipment. Though he is also a "bendy" type figure, he is more like Captain Lazer being that he's unique in size and that he's battery operated.

One "AA" cell battery that fits under his head in his hard plastic torso powers a flashing bulb that illuminates his eyes and mouth. Of course he's really nothing like Captain Lazer with his looks of an insect -like being with "pink" skin and "purple" attire. Scorpio has a unique "green" colored plastic vest projector accessory that launches harmless Styrofoam search globes. Not a weapon but a useful knowledge seeking device operated by a purple air bellows that fires the globes throughout the solar system or your living room.

Yet his menacing looks give us the impression that he's an enemy or villain. According to the short story of Scorpio on the back of his 8" x 13" x 2" window box he is a friend and alley of Major Matt Mason from another far away galaxy. The box is dressed in "green" and "yellow" 1969 / 1970 graphics with scorpio visible behind a cellophane window in front of a plane "green" background wearing his "purple" arm and leg shields. The vest projector and bellows are hidden inside the other half of the box.

Scorpio is the toughest to find of all the Major Matt Mason characters. Being that he was made during the final year of the toyline there were very few of them as compared to the astronauts and other aliens. And good luck on finding him with any accessories, especially the arm and leg shields, these were easy to fall off and get lost.

Reprinted here for the first time on the web, is the complete legend of Scorpio that was included with the instructions for the figure. It's a large file but worth it!

Scorpio Legend

8" by 13" X 2" Window Box

Standard pack 1 doz. Wt: 6 1/2 lbs. per case.


Scorpio is difficult to find loose, and almost impossible to find in boxed, mint condition. Examples have sold for well over $1,000 dollars making this one of the most sought after collectors items from the Matt Mason line.

ALSO INCLUDED IN: This was the only packaging for the character.


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