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Stock #6356 Major Matt Mason Orbitor With Or.


Or with Orbitor. Photo from Mattel Dealer Catalog,

Copyright 1969--first year available--listed in the 1970 dealer catalog. Believed to have never been produced.

Or with his orbitor was another character intended to be released simultaneously with Scorpio. Fact is no one has ever found an Or or an orbitor, at least to my knowledge and all other Major Matt Mason collectors that I've been in contact with. He was however included in the 1970 dealer catalog along with the Voyage to Galaxy III set that was also to include the character with his frisbee shaped space craft. So this set also has never turned up. I have not heard any facts from Mattel concerning this products release.

Perhaps it was issued in test markets or quickly recalled. There is no proof as of yet to substantiate whether the toy exists or not. However I can relate the information and provide the photos that were included in the catalog.

Looking at the Mattel catalog photography and reading the products' description. "Or" was a strange shaped "blue" colored visitor from Orion with a "yellow" 12" frisbee or rotor like space craft with a "clear" dome or canopy that was launched with the pull of a power cord attached to a special hi - impact plastic and steel launcher. "Up...up it soars, whirling toward a space adventure!" I can really see this one landing on the roof of the house everytime!

"Or" appears to be only 3 or 4 inches tall. This would have certainly made him the shortest of the MMM characters. The catalog goes on to give the dimensions of a large brightly colored box. 12 1/2" x 5" x 22". Standard dealer pack of 1/2 dozen of these babies weighing out at 21 lbs. So who ordered them? What happened? I mean with all this info on packaging design and all,you know that some of these had to be made! At least one!! And that seems illogical.

12 1/2" by 5" by 22".

Standard Pack of 1/2 dozen. Wt. 21 lbs.


If anyone ever finds one of these it would surely be priceless and the most major find in the Major Matt Mason collector's universe. Unless a whole hoard or warehouse find turns up, but that's highly unlikely. I just can't wait for the day one finally lands here on good ol' Terra firma Earth!!

Again the Or and his Orbitor was supposedly issued with the ever elusive Voyage to Galaxy 3 Set that the catalog also pictures as stock number #6380. See this number for more info.

Orbitor with Or. Photo ad from 1970 Mattel
Dealers catalog.


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