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Stock #6353 Major Matt Mason Lunar Base Command Set.


Lunar Base Command Set. Ultra-Rare! Photo
by Keith Meyer. From the collection of Keith Meyer.

Copyright 1968--first year available 1969

This was the largest boxed set Mattel offered for Major Mat Mason. The contents included Major Matt Mason and Callisto each sealed on plain white blister cards. Wth their accessories that included a Jet Propulsion Pack, Space Sled and Callisto's Space sensor equipment. Two battery operated vehicles were included, the Space Crawler and the Uni - Tred. The Space Bubble and a Space Station were also included. A total of five "D" cell batteries operated everything.

The box photos sported very busy looking graphics with several Matt Mason and Callisto figures. This is the only time I recall seeing Callisto using a Jet Propulsion Pak and standing on the Space Station. Perhaps the most colorful of boxes, certainly the largest. Very uncommon to find, especially in nice condition.

What a surprise this one must have been on a 1960's Christmas morning. Especially if it were accompanied by a few accessory cards and Captain Lazer and the Firebolt Space Cannon.

The largest of Matt Mason boxes keeps the tradition of two photo sides with the other box panels displaying the traditional "black", "blue" and "white" line art illustrations.

Information currently unavailable.


The box photo shows the Space Station beacon to have the 6 finned version. I know that this was in the Mexican variation of the Space Station by Cipsa. And was molded in "white" plastic. Where this one came from I haven't a clue.

For more details on the contents of this set please refer to these following Mattel stock numbers:

#6300 Major Matt Mason Flight Pak - carded
#6304 Space Crawler - boxed
#6308 Space Station - boxed
#6331 Callisto - carded
#6345 Space Bubble - boxed
#6346 Uni - Tred Space Hauler - boxed


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