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Stock #6346 Major Matt Mason Uni-Tred Space Hauler.


The Unitred! Photo by Keith Meyer. From
the collection of Keith Meyer.

Copyright 1968--first year available 1969

The Uni-Tred was the fourth battery operated vehicle to come off the MMM assembly line. It is the only two-seater vehicle of the series. Now two astronauts can travel with a single vehicle seated comfortably. With it's amazing mono-Tred mobility, a single wide revolving "black" power tred taking in the same dimensions as the length and width of it's power base. This "orange" plastic motorized lunar transport decorated in it's "orange" and "white" USA and number 9 space labels is virtually unlimited in surface and terrain travel. With it's "white" plastic head light this two speed automatic transmission vehicle can crawl into the deepest dark lunar caverns and come out from under the other side of your bed engaging into lower gear to climb the high jagged peaks and shifting back into normal gear to descend the ever changing pile of comic books and accessory pak cards.

Powered by 2 "D" cell batteries the powerful Uni-Tred can double as a cargo transport toting supplies on it's very own removable "white" plastic supply base. Or as a passenger transport towing one or more Space Bubbles. A one man non -powered passenger car not included in this packaging. See stock # 6345 for description.

12 3/16" x 9" x 7 1/2" box with usual two photo sides and all other panels displaying the interesting "black", "blue" and "white line art illustrations.

In standard packs of 1/2 doz. Wt. of case unknown

Package variations: Though I personally have never come across any different variations of this vehicle, I have had two different boxes for the toy. In still the traditional MMM packaging style with two photo sides and two "black", "blue" and "white" line art illustrations.

The Uni- Treds' first box copyright 1968, sports photos of Matt Mason driving and Callisto riding tail gunner on the top-side and Callisto is towing astronaut Doug Davis in the Space Bubble on the side-panel. This box art incorporates Mattel's earlier "green" buzz-saw logo with Mattel Inc. Toymakers.

The second box is of the same dimensions as the earlier and uses the same photos in the same box panels. Only this time the photos are blown up for a closer look at the vehicle and passengers and less of the lunar terrain scenery. With different arrangement of wording and logo placement. With a 1969 copyright and a newer version of the "green" buzz-saw Logo with nothing but the word Mattel.

These vehicles are quite durable and seem to be found often intact and excellent working condition. However the gear may not automatically shift correctly when changing grade.

The Uni-Tred was also available in these other multiple accessory sets:

1) #6339 Uni-Tred and Space Bubble
2) #6353 Lunar Base Command Set

Special Note:
You can see a perfect example of the Uni-Tred in action paving a path over various carded Major Matt Mason accessory paks if you have a copy of Canadian collector Christian De Grandpre's Major Matt Mason Collection video from 1993. Mark Schulte of Buffalo, New York and myself always enjoy chuckling over those seemingly impervious cards.

The Uni-Tred is a personal favorite of Birmingham, Alabama's newest and fastest growing collector of MMM memorabilia, Les Rayburn, for whom I dedicate this page. He's most likely Uni-Tred headquarters by now. Les is of course responsible for designing and building this "The Space station Website" using all of my photography and information gathered over the past 12 years. If not for this man's constant requests for photos and text over the past 7 months, the way I do things this project would have never happened. Thank you Les for a job very well done!


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