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Stock #6342 Major Matt Mason Gamma Ray Gard Pak.


Gamma Ray Gun Pak. Photo by Keith
Meyer. From the collection of Keith Meyer.

Copyright 1968--first year available 1969

The Gamma Ray Gard Pak consisted of one projector molded in "red" and "white". This launcher has four chambers that will load the equal amount of probe projectiles included in the pak. The chamber rotates to release one at a time the probes that deflect dangerous solar gamma rays in space. The projector can be mounted atop a Space Station platform or positioned on the lunar surface.

The gamma ray gard projector was the last of the four "launchers", and perhaps, the most unique of all. It did not fire probes made of plastic, this projector fired "golden" mylar like projectiles in the form of springy telescoping cone shaped probes. These projectiles were launched by their own compressed spring action. Not by being thrusted from a spring activated launcher. The projector merely contains the probe in a semi compressed state held back by a thin wall of plastic. When you rotate the barrel the wall is moved out of the chambers way and the self firing probe spits out across the mountains and craters to be eaten by dad's lawn mower. Because of the launcher's simplistic design, it was constructed of fewer parts. This also was the most durable and reliable of the launchers. The probes it released however where the most fragile.

8 1/2" x 12" hole punched blister card with one long horizontal photo of Major Matt Mason firing off a Gamma Ray Gard Probe.

Each in standard packs of 1 doz. Wt: 4 lbs. Also available on card in Assortment pak #A6348 and in the 9" x 6 3/8" x 13 1/4" chip box in standard pack of 1 doz. Wt: 5 lbs. And in the chip boxes in yet another Assortment pak #A6338 Wt: 7 lbs.

Other than packaging changing from blister cards to small chip boxes, I know of no other variations of this toy.

Not available in the "Astro Trac Missile Convoy Set" like the rocket, satellite and space probe launchers. In fact this was the only way the projector could be purchased. However, this launcher was one of yet another group of four accessory cards.

One of four paks that were later repackaged from blister card display to being undisclosed in small scenic chip boxes. (see stock #6321, the Space Shelter Pak)

Now getting back to that "Sears exclusive" missile convoy set. Those of us that have had or are still playing with these have probably figured out that with a fourth mobile launch pad you can also perfectly mount the Gamma Ray Gard Projector on the launch pads deck with the same mounting pattern as the satellite launcher uses. Throw in a figure or two and this could have been the "Deluxe Astro Trac Missile Convoy Super Action Set"!

The Gamma Ray Gard Gun was only available in this individual packaging.

Major Matt Mason w/helmet flare by Les Rayburn


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