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Stock #6341 Major Matt Mason Firebolt Space Cannon Super Action Set.


Firebolt Space Cannon Super Action Set. Canada Box.
Photo by Keith Meyer. From the collection of Keith Meyer.

Copyright 1967-first year available 1968

Unlike the #6340 Firebolt Space Cannon which sports pictures of Major Matt Mason, Sgt. Storm and Captain Lazer. This time the Space Cannon comes with all three figures with a Jet Propulsion Pak and Cat Trac. This also is the only time the Jet Propulsion Pak is without the Space Sled. However though box art and text never shows a Space Sled as part of the contents. It is a known fact that later sets did indeed include a space sled.

In my opinion this was among the coolest of all the boxed accessory sets. Other than the Space Mission Team #6337 which had four figures. This was the only other boxed set that included more than two figures.

This is perhaps my personal favorite boxed set simply because this is the one I had on Christmas morning 1968. Along with a Space Station, Space Crawler and Astro Trac. this was the full extent of my childhood MMM collection. I remember one day when two women came to our house with a huge box that gobbled up most all of my toys. Mom would warn me that if I did not keep things picked up out of the floor this would happen. I've never forgotten the horror of this moment, my life had changed forever! As suddenly as Major Matt Mason and crew had come into my life, it disappeared without hardly a trace.

One thing however did remain, and it would show up but once a year in the years to follow. I still have what remains of the box to this awesome set. Mom had written X-Mas on the end flaps and used it to store Christmas ornaments up in the hot dusty attic. I retrieved this box from my mother in 1988. The box had turned brown and there was tape all over it where she had sealed it because some of the flaps were torn or missing. All I could do was cut up the box and display the pictures as really rough pieces of artwork. This is all that survives to substantiate my boyhood memories of Major Matt Mason. I recall a helmet still floating around in the late 70's but I believe it was tossed out with some other leftover odd and end stuff, and not just MMM toys either.

20" x 11 3/8" x 14" box with the traditional two photograph sides and all other box panels having the "black", "blue" and "white" line art illustrations.

Information currently unavailable.


Capt. Lazer could have any of the three different colors for his accessories. Like the #6340 Space Cannon box, this one also shows a prototype Space Cannon.

Set is often found incomplete. And is the only time Capt. Lazer is packed with other characters in the Matt Mason toyline.

For more info on the contents in this set refer to these Mattel stock numbers:

#6300 Major Matt Mason Flight Pak - carded
#6317 Sgt. Storm Flight Set - carded
#6318 Major Matt Mason with Cat Trac - carded
#6330 Captain Lazer - window box
#6340 Firebolt Space Cannon - boxed


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