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Stock #6331 Major Matt Mason Callisto


 Callisto on the Card. Photo by Keith Meyer. From
the collection of Keith Meyer.
Detail of Callisto Card Back

Copyright 1968--first year available 1969

Major Matt Mason's friend from Jupiter, Callisto the mysterious alien with advanced mental powers. Molded in "black" rubber, the body has a "green" and "blue" painted outfit. His boots are molded in a "green" hard plastic. His head is a transparent green rubber with eyes painted "white" with "black" pupils and "red" blood vessels. He has large painted "black" bushy eyebrows.

Like the astronauts, Calliso's body is molded in rubber poseable by interior wires (A bendy). Callisto is the same size as the four astronauts and most all of their accessories will work with him.

He comes equipped however with unique equipment of his own. A space sensor that slips over his head and upper body with a power assisting bellows. Each of these are molded in a "purple" plastic with a clear tubing that attaches from the bellows to the sensor gun. When the bellows is squeezed, out pops a "yellow" thread that works in and out as the bellows is released and squeezed again. Includes decals to decorate the equipment.

Each on a 8 5/16" x 8 5/16" hole-punched blister card

Each in a standard pack of 1 doz. Wt: 4 1/2 lbs. Also included later in 2 different assortment packs
#A6334 and #A6335. Check these out under their own listing on our stock number list.

There are two molds for Callisto's body. One has him with short boots the other has taller boots.

There are also two different cards for Callisto. One has a "Teal / green" background. The other a "yellow / orange" background. Both sport the same two identical photos of Callisto in action with the sensor. The stock number, card size, info and instructions on the back are all the same. The punch hole on the card sometimes is large and some are smaller, more like the other astronaut cards. I have seen each card with either a Tall or short boot version figure as well. Therefore I'm not sure which is the earlier of the two, but I really believe it's the "teal / green" one. The pictures on the card picture a prototype Callisto with an opaque head and slightly different design outfit with the taller boots.

Callisto's accessories are another part that is often cursed by the dreaded "melting", a chemical reaction that occurs when the hard plastic accessories were left in contact with the rubber of the figures for long periods of time.

Callisto also came packaged in these other adventure sets:

#6337 Space Mission Team - boxed
#6353 Lunar Base Command Set - boxed
#6355 Space Discovery Set - boxed

Though no figures were included in stock number #6360 Reentry Glider, Callisto is pictured on the card with the four astronauts as one of five figures required to fly the glider.

 Callisto uses his strange mental powers to scout for
danger! Photoshop manipulation by Les Rayburn.


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