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Stock #6328 Major Matt Mason Mobile Launch Pad Pak.


Mobile Launch Pad. Photo by John Eaton.

6328 Mobile Launch Pad Pak
Copyright 1967 --first year available 1968

This was offered through "Sears" as an individual accessory for the Astro Trac Missile Convoy Set #6327, also a "Sears" exclusive.

Each "white" plastic launch pad is nearly 10 inches long, the base is about 4 inches wide, which just covers the treds that it supposedly would roll along. Of course these were molded on and did not really roll or turn. Instead there is two sets of one-piece wheel sets also made of "white" plastic, that the unit could roll on being towed by an Astro Trac.

The base towards the front of the pad has two extensions to support the wider reaching legs of the satellite launcher. Making the overall width of the base 5 3/8". The launch pad also has two other positions molded in to accommodate the Space Probe Launcher and the Rocket Launcher.

Hole punched blister card which features three photos, each depicting a launch pad with one of three launchers.

Currently unavailable. However, a 1968 "Sears" catalog says; shipping weight is 4 ounces........each item is $1.99.



#6327 Astro Trac Missile Convoy Set
#8178 Astro Trac Gift Set (Canadian exclusive)

Larry Chinn of San Francisco has recently turned up a unique gift set available only in Canada called the Astro Trac Gift Set #8178.

This set includes an Astro Trac, Mobile Launch Pad, Satellite Launch Pak and two astronauts. Making this a third way to purchase a Mobile Launch pad and Astro Trac. Check this out on our stock number list.

Mobile Launch Pad Detail. From the Collection of
Keith Meyer. Photo by Keith Meyer.


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