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Stock #6327 Major Matt Mason Astro Trac Missle Convoy Set.


Missle Convoy Set. Sold only at Sears. Photo by
Keith Meyer. From the collection of Keith Meyer.

Copyright 1967 --first year available 1968

This was a "Sears" exclusive set sold through the 1968 catalog that featured the mighty mobile planet exploring Astro Trac and three Mobile Launch Pads. The launch pads were molded in "white" plastic similar in construction as the Cat Trac. With solid molded, non moving tank treds. However they did have cheaply made plastic wheels underneath so that it could roll along with the Astro Trac.

The only thing that makes this toy interesting is the fact that the mobile pads would mount the three original launchers. The Space probe, the Rocket Launcher and the Satellite Launcher. Making a mobile armament to be pulled by the Astro Trac. The platform of the pads had molded in positions for each of these launchers.

This set also came with a "blue" vinyl 40 x 24 inch Moonscape with three "blue" vacuum-formed plastic craters that would snap in place on the mat.

The usual tradition of sporting two sides with photographs and all other box panels are the "black", "blue" and "white" line art illustrations.

Information currently unavailable. However, the original "Sears" catalog says shipping weight 3 pounds.......each set is $15.66


The Gamma Ray Gard Gun will also fit atop the mobile pads. At the time you could have purchased an individually carded mobile launch pad stock
#6328 to accommodate the fourth launcher. However the Gamma Ray Gard had yet to be produced at this time.

This set came with each of the launchers and even the smaller accessories that were originally included on the original launch pak cards. This included:

1) Rotojet Gun
2) Knife, sheath and short belt
3)Two walkie talkies
4) Four different colored satellites
5) Flare gun
6) Binoculars
7) Chemical decontamination gun and tanks

Missle Convoy Set. Back of Box Photo

For more info on this sets contents refer to these stock numbers:

#6302 Astro Trac
#6305 Rocket Launch Pak
#6306 Satellite Launch Pak
#6307 Space Probe Pak
#6328 Mobile Launch Pad accessory card

Larry Chinn of San Francisco has recently turned up a unique gift set available only in Canada called the Astro Trac Gift Set #8178.

This set includes an Astro Trac, Mobile Launch Pad, Satellite Launch Pak and two astronauts. Making this a third way to purchase a Mobile Launch pad and Astro Trac. Check this out on our stock number list.

 Missle Convoy with Playset Mat. Photo by Keith
Meyer. From the collection of Keith Meyer.


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