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Stock #6322 Major Matt Mason Satellite Locker.


Satellite Locker Carrying Case. Photo courtesy

of Tomart.

Copyright 1967--first year available 1968

This was another vinyl and plastic carry case that had a cardboard insert showing Major Matt Mason standing in the window of the locker. Like the spaceship carry case, this locker was not packaged in a box. It had a tag fastened to it's carry handle with a picture of it and some of the equipment you could store inside.

The front of the case displays a picture that is the same scene as the front of the Space Crawler box. The backside has two pictures, the larger of the two is almost identical to the picture on the reconojet card, but before the astronaut raises his visor. The other is from the Space shelter card pak. These three pictures are not photographs, they look more like paintings.

The Satellite locker was unpackaged, it just had a tag attached to it's handle. Locker itself is 12" x 7 1/2" x 3 1/4".

standard packs of 1/2 doz. Wt: 5 lbs.

The cardboard insert picturing Major Matt Mason has two variations. Photos and description currently unavailable.

This case is constructed of vinyl with vacuum-formed end panels attached by rivets. There are three compartments in which to store the astronauts and their belongings. The two vacuum-formed end panels are identical, looking sort of like a small spacecraft or oxygen and fuel cells. Like most of the other vacuum-formed accessories, such as the rocket ship case, these end panels are most often found cracked and broken. Sometimes even missing. The cardboard insert of Matt is most always gone. This is probably the most common of the carry cases.

Special thanks to Dave Bryant who provided the photo of the locker's tag!

This is the only way the locker could be purchased, as an individual item.

Satellite Locker Carrying Case, ,Detail of
Handle Tag from Dave Bryant.

Detail of Astronaut Insert for Window


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