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Stock #6318 Major Matt Mason With Cat Trac.


Major Matt Mason on the Cat Trac Card. Photo by
Keith Meyer. From the Collection of Keith Meyer.

Copyright 1967--first year available 1968

A new season gave Major Matt Mason a fresh new look. Similar to a shadow box display this card features our Moon leader in his flexible space suit, wearing his helmet sitting atop an orange Cat Trac waving at us against a background of Lunar terrain.

This is the first appearance of the Cat Trac. This is the most commonly found of the carded figures. And the fact that the Cat Trac was included in several boxed sets and with three other figure cards, makes this the most common MMM vehicle of all. And with it's two piece construction and solid molded wheels and treads makes it also the most boring and most undesirable of vehicles as well.

5" x 8" hole-punched blister card.

Each in a standard pack of 1 doz. Wt: 4 1/2 lbs. Also included later in 2 different assortment packs #A6334 and #A6335. Check these out under their own listing on our stock number list.

There were four different Cat Trac figure cards in all. One for each of the four astronauts. Major Matt Mason was first along with Sgt. Storm. Followed by Doug Davis and Jeff Long about a year later.

There are two variations of the Cat Trac. Matt Mason and Doug Davis were usually found with orange Cat Tracs. Sgt. Storm and Jeff Long had white Cat Tracs. The two different colored Cat Tracs were of the same mold.

There are also variations on the blister card itself. I've had in my possession cards that on the back side, one reads "Roams the dark side of the moon on his one-man Cat Trac". The other reads "Roams the dark side of the moon on his one-man Lunar Trac". Like wise on the front one says "includes Cat Trac", the other "includes Lunar Trac". Both have 1967 Mattel copyright dates. Some have an add on decal by the copyright information stating "Made and printed in Hong Kong for Mattel, Inc.".

Yet another variation, this time on the blister bubble itself. Each Cat Trac card has a raised embossed "Mattel's Man In Space". Most of these have the lettering painted "yellow". Earlier ones have "gold" painted letters. This is probably the first packaging that Matt Mason appears with the "black" belts. However earlier Cat Trac cards still had him in the original "blue" belts.

And with 1969 copyright dates on the cards the figures were later repackaged onto larger Cat Trac cards for 1970, Matt's final year. Card size and reference photo currently unavailable. Anyone out there that would send me a photo?

The Cat Trac or Lunar Trac was also available in these stock numbers, either on card or as a boxed set:

1) #6319 Sgt. Storm with "white" Cat Trac
#6332 Jeff Long Space Scientist- Rocketry with "white" Cat Trac
#6333 Doug Davis Space Scientist Radiologist with "orange" Cat Trac
#6341 Firebolt Space Cannon Super Action Set
#6379 Major Matt Mason Super Power Equipment Set
6) #6380 Voyage to Galaxy
III Set (probably never produced)

For more detailed info on the Major Matt Mason figure refer to Mattel stock number #6300 Major Matt Mason Flight Set

Major Matt Mason on Cat Trac, back of
Card. Photo by
Keith Meyer. From the Collection of Keith Meyer.

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