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Stock #6317 Major Matt Mason SGT. Storm Flight Pak.


Sgt. Storm on the Flight Card. Photo by Keith
Meyer. From the collection of Keith Meyer.


Copyright 1967--first year available 1968

In his "red-orange" space suit Sgt. Storm was the second of four astronaut figures introduced in the Major Matt Mason toyline. This carded adventure set was identical to the Major Matt Mason Flight Pak in content and design. At last Major Matt would not be alone on the barren, silent moon.

Sgt. Storm was my favorite of the four Mattel astronauts. Perhaps this was because my favorite color as a kid was "red". Naturally his appendages were the first to go. As I played with these guys until the end. Storm always seemed to look better riding in the Astro Trac. Mason would just kinda blend in with the "black" and "white" vehicle.

10" x 13" hole-punched blister card. Is identical in size and content as
#6300 Major Matt Mason Flight Set, Except for figure and color change.

Information currently unavailable.

Possibly different figure variations on the card.

All figures have "black" rubber molded bodies. On the first two versions the heads are more of a paler flesh tone, while the latter versions are a more "pinkish" and deeper tone of flesh.

Figure Variations:
1) First Sgt. Storm figure has "black" rubber molded body with small print on the back stating, copyright 1966 Mattel Inc. U.S. patent pending. And Hong Kong is printed also in small letters behind the lower right leg. Suit is painted "orange-red" with "blue" belts and straps. "white" zipper, pockets and arm and leg cuffs. There is a "black" dot painted on each of his wrists. His neck base where the helmet fits over is "white" with "silver" trim ring. Sometimes the zipper will have "silver" paint over the "white" paint. And the familiar "red", "white" and "blue" American flag is worn over his heart. This flag remains throughout all of the following figure variations. The "orange-red" paint of his space suit also tends to vary in color slightly, due to different paint batches and possible different paint manufacturers. This will be the same throughout the figures' production.

2) Second Sgt. Storm figure has everything the same except there is no more "white" paint on the arm and leg cuffs. They just remain as unpainted "black" rubber.

3) Third Sgt. Storm figure is the same as the second, with the exception of the "black" wrist dots have been discontinued.

4) Fourth Sgt. Storm is painted exactly as the third variation. This is the first time the "black" rubber body uses the larger print on the back reading, copyright 1966 Mattel Inc., U.S. and Foreign patents pending. And the Hong Kong lettering on the lower backside of the right leg is also of larger print.

5) The fifth and last of the Sgt. Storm figure variations has the same "black" rubber molded body as the fourth version. This time the familiar and more colorful "blue" belts and straps have been replaced by "black" paint. The only "blue" remaining is on the American flag. The neck base and trim ring is now completely the "orange-red" color of the space suit. Even in this variation I see sometimes a hint of "silver" paint over the "white" painted zipper.

Sgt. Storm as did the other two astronauts to follow, uses the same "black" rubber molded 6 inch body as Major Matt Mason. Only the heads are different and of course the spacesuits are painted in different colors.

Two small pictures on the front of the card are the same photos as on the Major Matt Mason Flight Set card. If you are fortunate to own or have access to the pair, you will notice that it is Matt Mason in the red color touched outfit. Probably an effort for Mattel to save money in package design. Changing the background behind the figure and accessories from Matt's "blue" to a "green" color complemented Storm's "red / orange" space suit. This is perhaps the most sought after, difficult to find carded figure.

For a more detailed description of the
Space Sled and Jet Propulsion Pak see stock number #6300 Major Matt Mason Flight Pak.

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 Sgt. Storm with Jet Pak. Photo by Keith Meyer. From the collection of Keith Meyer.


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