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Stock #6316 Major Matt Mason Spaceship Carry Case.


Space Ship Carry Case. Photo by Mike Blanchard.
From the collection of Mike Blanchard.

Copyright 1966--first year available 1967

Also known as the "Rocket Ship Case", the ship stands 18 inches tall, and without any battery operated lights, motors or pull-string sounds. This rocket ship shaped vinyl carrying case with it's printed interior controls and "blue" and "white" exterior left a lot for a child's imagination.

Having only one moving part, a doorway that would fold down to make a ramp that would provide a fueling and launching platform for Space Sleds. An acceleration couch would strap Major Matt Mason in place during lift-offs or while you were climbing the backyard fence tossing it over the other side to go to the moon with your buddy on the next block.

Mostly functional as a carrying case the interior walls along the floor had pockets for storing small equipment and accessories. A sturdy plastic handle was attached for easy toting.

This piece was not packaged in a box, only a tag with description and price was attached to the carry handle.

Information currently unavailable.

The acceleration couch is "orange" in the dealer catalogs. And the actual production ones are "blue".

In the collectors field today, this is among the most difficult to find pieces. Although Mattel advertised this piece to be of sturdy vinyl, the thin-walled plastic of the vacuum formed nose cone and floor with it's molded-on thruster cones is most always found cracked and broken. The door is sometimes about to fall off and the acceleration couch is often missing. A true gem among MMM collectibles when found undamaged and intact.

Sold as an individual item only.

Space Ship Carry Case. Photo by Mike Blanchard. From
the collection of Mike Blanchard.


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