Keith Meyers, The Space Station!

Stock #6308 Major Matt Mason Space Station.


The Space Station! Photo by Keith Meyer. From 
the collection of Keith Meyer.

Copyright 1966--first year available 1967

Standing tall against the forboding dark sky of the Lunar surface, The spectacular Space Station, a hexagon shaped, gridded platform structure is the center of activity in all outposts of the universe and headquarters for all Mattel astronauts.

Headed by Major Matt Mason, this is the astronauts defense center as well as living quarters and storage area. A beacon at the top of the station powered by one "D" cell battery showers the sky with a stunning purple glow visible for miles.

The station set comes with six "blue" tinted solar panels to protect the nerve center of the structure. Probably from meteorites or Gamma rays. They obviously didn't retain any oxygen or artificial atmosphere, the ceiling and floor had holes in em' big enough to fall through. Of course I always made sure the invisible force field was on before the crew removed there helmets.

Six "red /orange" girders and two large "white" platforms provided the foundation, base and height of the structure. With a smaller hex shape roof platform and the "black" and "chrome" beacon. A complete control center with a vinyl transparency with the moon pictured and other vital signs for living conditions on the moon. Only one nice comfy reclining chair was provided. Where's Sergeant Storm going to sit?

The station can be built in many different ways. You can build platforms for defensive equipment or observation. Combining pieces from several sets one could build as tall and far as the pieces would allow. A virtual skyscraper on the moon! Decals were included for the control console and beacon. Battery, astronauts, vehicles and other equipment were not included.

How I always wanted to have two or three more stations when I was a kid. Today I have nearly thirty Space Stations. They're all over the place. Imagine all those beacons flashing throughout the house. I have to use rechargeable batteries to keep them going. This was by far my favorite thing about the Matt Mason toyline. For myself, with my "chest of drawer and dresser top" mountains and plateaus, high above my red carpeted bedroom floor of Martian terrain, the Space Station was "sanctuary".

The Space Station came packed completely in one 14 1/2" x 16 1/4" x 5 1/2" box. The box was wonderfully decorated with photos on the front and interesting "black" and "blue" line art on the opposite side.

Standard pack of 1/2 doz. Wt: 27 lbs.

The only production variation I've noticed is that earlier Stations had no holes in the roof section for the supports to allow the roof to mount more firmly to the control center. Later there were three holes added to allow the pegs of the ladder supports to go into the roof section for a more precise fit.

Mattel photography on the box art shows the station molded in a different color variation than the actual contents. The red/orange girders are the silver/gray color, the fold down blue shields are clear with no diamond design. The legs to the control panel are different as well as roof detail. An explanation for the flat looking clear panels to be later enhanced with a diamond shaped design allowed for more interior room of the station. The figures could stand inside with more freedom to move their arms.

It is very difficult to obtain a truly nice undamaged ,slightly used or unscaved example of this icon of "1960's" childhood bedrooms. The three chromed locking pins that fasten the control center to the floor are most always missing. And the vinyl transparency if not torn, creased or ripped up, is usually gone to. However, there are replacement replicas available for these items elsewhere on this site. As for the fold down "blue" panels I'm afraid a little elbow polish is the only solution. The chair is also usually heavily damaged by "melting" or breakage, if not also missing.

Click below to see detailed photographs of the Space Station:
Space Station in store stock condition.
Line art detail
Space Station Photo
Detail of Control Console #1
Detail of Control Console #2

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The Space Station, back of box. Photo
by Keith Meyer. From the collection of Keith Meyer.


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