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Stock #6306 Major Matt Mason Satellite Launch Pak.


Satellite Launch Pak. Photo by Keith Meyer. From the
collection of Keith Meyer.

Copyright 1967--first year available 1968

With tremendous thrust, the satellite launcher carries big payloads and boosts satellites into lunar orbit, all by remote control! It can launch with a blast!! Or fire silently.

Another of four projectile firing implements, the satellite launcher would fire off one of four different color communications satellites: blue, green, yellow and white. What?! no red one!!

Similar to the rocket launcher it also has a cap firing lode, this time the "greenie stick-em caps would fire on the launch not the impact! Up, up in the vast dark lunar sky to land atop the highest jagged lunar peaks. Or lost behind the living room hide-a-bed couch. The satellite launcher and controls are molded in "white" With a "red" firing lever and spinner. This pak comes with decals to label the satellites and launcher.

Each blister card measures 8 1/2" x 12". Card features a small photo of a "light brown " or "tan" satellite being launched by Major Matt Mason and Sergeant Storm.

Each in standard pack of 1 doz. Wt: 4 lbs.


These seem to be usually in better condition than the rocket and probe launchers when found. At least that's been my experience. And I've had many of each. I've never had one that did not work! Even if the control column was missing! However satellite launchers seem more scarce than the others. I've had one on a damaged card that the launcher's "white" plastic body had gotten brittle and was starting to crumble in places. Was this a bad batch of plastic or was it left in a wet dark moon crater for ten years and dried out in an earthen desert for 20 years?

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#6327, the Astro Trac Missile Convoy Set. And the recently discovered #8178 Astro Trac Gift Set.

Back of Card. Photo by Keith Meyer. From the
collection of Keith Meyer.


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