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Stock #6302 Major Matt Mason Astro Trac.

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Astro-Trac. Photo by Keith Meyer. From the collection of
Keith Meyer.


Copyright: 1966--first year available 1967

Powered by one "D" cell battery, this mighty mobile planet explorer with it's unique astro-foam traction wheels climbs in and out of craters, over rocks and meteorite beds. This one man vehicle is molded in "white" plastic with "black" wheels. Two steerable front wheels made of plastic and two larger foam rear wheels for power. Comes with decals to mark it's place in the field. Battery, Space Station, astronaut figures and other space equipment were not included.

Box size is 14 1/4" by 9" by 7".

Standard pack of 1/2 doz. Wt: 14 1/2 lbs.

We are unsure of any variations on this vehicle. However an interesting vehicle shown in Mattel photography showed an early prototype, "The Space Rover", that was supposedly not produced but was the main body of the Astro Trac without wheels and traveled along a string.

The vehicle was molded in the "silver/gray" color like the Space Crawler. I've heard comments over the years that this piece was produced and or distributed over seas in Europe. Also I've heard that it was also intended to be a "Sea Devils" piece. All of this is heresay and undocumented evidence. However the prototype did exist.

This vehicle is notorious for the way the foam wheels disintegrate into dust. Most Astro Tracs found today have very little if any original foam left on the wheels. If these items were stored in a hot attic over the years they are most likely gone to dust. Most of the ones with wheels intact came from a Northern climate like Canada. I've had store stock Astro Tracs whose wheels were crumbled in the box, never played with.

I offer reproduction wheels that are exactly like original, check out our reproduction section, located in level 3.

Repro Section, Level 3

The Astro Trac could also be purchased in a boxed set sold through "Sears " stores only
#6327, The Astro Trac Missile Convoy Set. And the recently discovered #8178 Astro Trac Gift Set.

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Sgt. Storm on Astro-Trac. Photo by Keith Meyer. From the collection of Keith Meyer.


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