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Stock #6301 Major Matt Mason Moon Suit Pack


Unpunched Moon Suit Card.
Photo by Keith Meyer. From the collection of Keith Meyer.

# 6301 Moon Suit Pak
Copyright: 1966 --First year available: 1967

Every piece of equipment essential for survival and space experimentation. The moon suit was based on actual NASA designs. Made of "white" molded plastic with "black" flexible arms with "red" painted accents sporting a "red" number three on the front. and a "yellow" air bellows pump and "clear" tubing for remote control operation.

The air bellows would allow the arms to be operated by squeezing and filling the arms with air. Though you had no real control over the movement of the arms it still made for exciting play. This carded accessory also came with the two piece radiation detector molded in "black" plastic with a decal for it's controls, and three "chromed" plastic accessories, a hammer, wrench and screwdriver. This was probably one of the most popular of the accessory paks.

Each hole-punched blister card is 8 1/2" x 12".

Standard pack of 1 doz., Wt. 3lbs. per case

Mattel photography in the dealer catalogs, shows prototype tools such as the hammer, screwdriver and wrench to be different from the production versions.

The arms on the moon suit are most always disintegrated beyond recognition. The flexible material just does not withstand the tests of time. I've seen this with ones still sealed on the card. However with luck occasionally one will turn up with nice workable arms. Extremely rare though. I've one pair myself I removed from a damaged card. But I swear they've gotten stiffer in the years that I've had them.

Numerous Attempts have been made to make suitable reproduction arms for the Moon Suit. To this day we have not seen anything that can replace those wonderful hapless flopping arms. However, there are at least two reproduction efforts that can make your moon suit ready for display.
The first involves replacing them with “Robot Arms” salvaged from another toy. You can find a detailed description of this fix in our repair section.

Repair Center, Level 3

And Tom Wentland has developed some reproduction arms that closely match the original moon suit arms and can even be made to move with air like the originals. Read more about it in our reproduction section.

Reproduction Items, Level 3

The Moon Suit also comes with a Matt Mason figure on the
#6303 card, Major Matt Mason with Moon Suit.

Back of Moon Suit Card.  Photo by Keith Meyer. From the collection
of Keith Meyer.


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