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Stock #5453 Major Matt Mason Space Exploration Game.


Major Matt Mason Space Exploration Game by Mattel.
Photo by Keith Meyer. From the collection of Keith Meyer.

Copyright 1967--first year available 1968

If a kid wasn't satisfied with the ever increasing popularity of the Major Matt Mason toy line, and just couldn't get enough of the toys themselves or the compliment of non-toy items such as note book binders, wallets, puzzles, etc.... There was this really cool looking boardgame! Not a great game, but hey, it's Major Matt Mason so we had to love it!.

The object of play was to explore the moon for signs of life. The first explorer who returns to the space ship and is able to point out where there are three signs of life-- as shown by the moon cards--is the winner.

The game consisted of four moon explorers, two familiar faces headed up the party with a couple of new guys that were never heard of again, Capt. Chuck and Lt. Len. There are four matching command posts each associated with one of the astronauts. And twelve Moon cards, some of which were the "signs of life" cards. A moon spinner with an astronaut riding a "red" craft we have never seen before, kinda like a flying sled, but the astronaut lies down on it similar to the Recono jet.

All of these pieces were played in correspondence to a really cool vaccum - formed vinyl playing board. The board is very colorful with 3D raised mountains and craters. The center of the board held yet another spinner, a vaccum - formed volcano. The board was also decorated with several familiar accessories like the moon suit and space sled.. Though the game was quite elementary, 2 to 4 "Matt-aholics" could probably have quite a blast with this thing.

The box sported an outstanding, unusual and very interesting painting of Major Matt Mason flying above the moon with a space staion below. One of the most unique styles of MMM art yet.

The box to the game was different than most game boxes, the large squared flat carton would raise up being hinged in the rear and the front would tuck into the bottom section. Game instructions were printed on the inside of the box lid (actually a large decal applied to the underside).Overall dimensions of this unusual box is 19" x 19" x 3". Mine still has a $3.77 price sticker attached. This is not a very easy game to come by, especially complete and in decent condition.

Unknown. Can anyone help with how these were packaged in the shipping cases? Were they available as standard packs of 6 or 12. Or was there an assortment pack including several of each of the four games of this series.


Mattel made four games in the series of the 3D vacuum-formed line, all of which are sought after by collectors today;

Gentle Ben Animal Hunt Game by Mattel, Stock #5454
Major Matt Mason Space Exploration Game by Mattel, Stock #5453
The Barbie World of Fashion Game by Mattel, Stock #5452
The Amazing Doctor Dolittle Game by Mattel, Stock #5451

These games were only offered individually to the consumer.

Additonal Photos:
Game Spinner
Game Instructions

Game Pieces featuring
the characters Captain Chuck and Lt. Len. Photo by Keith Meyer. From the collection
of Keith Meyer.


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