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Stock #5064 Man-In-Space, Major Matt Mason Space Diner Lunchbox.


Man In Space, Major Matt Mason Space Diner Lunch Box. Photo by Fred Carlson. From the collection of
Fred Carlson.

Copyright 1966--first year available 1967

This has got to be among the most difficult Major Matt Mason items to locate. In fact, it was unknown to collectors that these lunch boxes even existed until 1996, when a dealer offered one for sale in Toy Shop Magazine. It is interesting to note that ads from the Mattel Archives show a completely different illustration than was actually produced for the production run. Using prototypes for ad photography was quite common within the Matt Mason line of toys.

Prototype Photo

This lunch box was sold as one of a set of four boys and girls lunch boxes Mattel offered under their Eateries line. Out of all of these the Matt Mason one is the rarest! The box displays original four-color graphics of Major Matt Mason sitting at a small table under a transparent domed diner being served by a funny looking little green alien. Not as cool as the wallet or notebook binder graphics in my opinion. But very unusual and hardly ever seen.

In the past year, two have surfaced, one went for major money at a Toy Shop auction, the other was found in New York and ended up in a Lunch box collector's hands in Oregon. I don't remember anyone ever having this one at my school in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Special thanks to Fred Carlson for providing the photos of this rare gem, and to Kevin Wright for supplying the ad from Toy Shop that announced the discovery of this rare piece to the toy collecting world.

Now you can own a high quality reproduction of this rare Major Matt Mason item. Collector Les Rayburn has faithfully reproduced the original artwork on a newer Alladin style plastic lunch box. Email him for details on how to buy yours!

Email for details!
Picture of the repro lunch box!

The box is 8 3/4" x 7 " x 4", and was not packed in a box.

Each came in a standard pack of 1 doz. Wt: 11 lbs. Or in an assortment of 18 that included several of each different boxes. Wt: 17 lbs. See stock
#5060 for more details on this assortment.

Like the vinyl wallet, the dealer catalog shows a prototype lunch box with different graphics than the version actually produced.

Doing the math since there's 12 in a case at 11 lbs. Or 18 at 17 lbs. Each lunch box weighs less than 1 lb.

Lunch boxes were sold as individual items only.

Toy Shop
Ad for MMM Lunch box. Toy Shop Magazine, June 21, 1996. From the
collection of Kevin Wright.


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