Keith Meyers, The Space Station!

Stock #5060 Mattel's Eateries Lunch Boxes Assortment.


Mattel Lunch Box
Assortment. Ad from Mattel Archives, 1967

Copyright 1966--first year available 1967

7 Roomy Lunch boxes with unique plastic eating tray--long lasting vinyl construction--four color illustrations.

An 18-item assortment featuring the complete line of EATERIES. Shipped prepacked in colorful display. Wt: 17 lbs.

5 ea. Liddle Kiddle's Kafe #5061
5 ea. Barbie and Francie Snack Shack #5062
4 ea. Chuck Wagon #5063
4 ea. Man-In-Space, Major Matt Mason's Space Diner

We know that in the case of the Major Matt Mason lunch box, the artwork in the dealer catalog shows a prototype picture for the box. I am not certain however, if this is the case for the other three boxes.

There are two each for boys and girls. Notice there were five each of the girls lunch boxes in an assortment and only four each of the boys.

It's funny how the other three pop up occasionally but the Matt Mason one hardly ever is found. Could it have been a poor seller or maybe it was so popular that the young space cadets wore them out.


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