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Whitman Stock #2022 Major Matt Mason "Moon Mission" Big Little Book.


Whitman Big Little Book, Major Matt Mason, Moon Mission
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Copyright 1968--first year available 1969

Whitman Publishing Company added a Major Matt Mason title to their line of “Big Little Books” in 1968 with the publication of “Moon Mission” by George S. Elrick. The plot centers around the strange disapperance of Captain Otto Harvey, who had been manning an outpost prior to Matt Mason’s arrival on the moon. In transmissions to Earth, Captain Harvey appeared to be going insane, reporting strange “squeaking” noises, and then disappearing all together. Mason is joined in his rescue attempts by Sgt. Storm and by JoAnn Harvey, the only female character to ever appear in the Mason universe.

Elrick’s writing is very mature for a book intended for children, and the story moves along at an exciting pace. Collectors today can often find copies of the book at antique book stores, flea markets, and other venues. Copies in mint condition can command prices as high as $25 dollars. A fair increase from the original price of $2.00!

But for those of you who haven't found a copy, we've added the complete text and most of the pictures right here on the web site! Simply click the "next" arrow below to begin reading "Moon Mission"! Or you can download the entire book as a compressed text file.

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